Tips To Working Across Time Zones

We’ve been 100% work-from-home for the last seven years and know how to manage this lifestyle. The best Zoom tips and tricks that you can use to master conference call communication. He loves to help other entrepreneurs build startups by sharing his own experiences from the trenches.

If you have solo work (work that doesn’t require live, real time collaboration with someone in a different time zone), use that to fill the time before and after live interactions. You’ll be putting your time to good use without scrambling in a million different directions faster than the speed of light.

Best Management Software For Remote Teams

Building an internal wiki that documents best practices and processes is critical, and there are a world of tools out there to help including Notion, Confluence, and even Google Drive. There are more time zone tools at, too, so be sure to check it out if you want to find local times around the world for your event, convert times for any location, and more. Then, if you want another easy way to know what time it is everywhere your team’s located, you can turn on the World clock in the Calendar Labs settings. It’s a simple, text-based world clock provides an at-a-glance update. At Zapier, we’ve formalized communications about what we’re working on with a Friday update post that lists our top priority for the week and what progress we made on it. Each of those live in Async—an in-house tool that gives everyone a set place to write anything they need to share with the entire team and forces us to “work in public.” David Fullerton had to overcome the communication hurdle when he was growing the Stack Exchange team.

Tips on Working in Different Time Zones

These advantages allow your team to work together more effectively, and they can help your overseas coworkers feel more involved in the day-to-day work of your team. It can, however, be useful when sending a non-urgent communication to worldwide coworkers without waking them up too early in the morning or disrupting their nightly routine. Send out a meeting agenda to all team members in advance. This gives everyone an idea of what’s on the itinerary and keeps meetings on track. Can you convey information better with a video recording? Tools like Loom and PingPong let you record video messages of yourself, your screen, or both.

Prioritize Effective Communication

Then, you’ll find that the time gap doesn’t really matter. After years of working remotely—for companies in India, Canada, Australia, and the U.S.—I’ve learned a lot. Here’s a sneak peek, but keep reading for tips on how to make the most of the pros and overcome the cons that crop up when the world is your office. You may also designate your normal work hours on a team calendar — and encourage colleagues to do the same — in addition to addressing timezone-related requirements and limits as needed. These provide you with a clear view of your remote team members’ work schedules over time.

  • Sometimes, scheduling a meeting at a time that works for all timezones is easier said than done.
  • Using a tool allows you to also track changes in the project, keep files at one place and follow an order to do things, which otherwise could become a mess for everyone.
  • Prepare to hop on a phone/video call without needing to set up a time to do so.
  • While remote, you may be noticing meetings have piled onto your calendar.

However, some challenges can present themselves in a remote work environment. If team members are spread out over states or even countries, working across time zones can get tricky. We’ve got a few etiquette rules to help you take this challenge head on and work effectively across time zones. Some scheduling and calendar apps, especially those with advanced settings, can convert time zones for you. Choosing a different color for every time zone and documenting them in a ledger will help you quickly retain and memorize all the important differences.

Con: Time Zones Are Merciless

Megan Wheeler, leadership trainer at LifeLabs, shares best practices for remote work – including a checklist you can use to optimize the WFH experience. Improve your employee experience with expert resources for people leaders. Explore how companies are creating world‑class employee experiences across demographics, industries and more. Performance management → Build high‑performing teams with performance reviews, feedback, goal‑tracking & 1‑on‑1s delivered in the flow of work. “Mindbowser was very helpful with explaining the development process and started quickly on the project.” Because while building software, developers have to continuously make choices on which path to take, what technology or algorithm to use, how to optimize etc. All these things are like experiments and sometimes such experiments may not work as ideally as thought of.

Can Workers Climb the Career Ladder Working Remotely? – The New York Times

Can Workers Climb the Career Ladder Working Remotely?.

Posted: Thu, 10 Mar 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

An overwhelming amount of research has been conducted over the past year to analyze the effects of the pandemic-mandated remote work. And the vast majority of the studies came to the same conclusion – flexibility and freedom offered within the approach largely impact productivity in the virtual workplace. A 2020 Statista study shows 73% of respondents reported feeling more efficient working outside the office.

Staying Synchronized With The Team Takes Extra Effort

A general lack of distractions, in addition to reduced commute time and the overall comfort of the home or other chosen work environment, have made the significant productivity boost possible. And, as the pandemic is dying out, and companies are issuing the return-to-the-office memos, it’s pretty much business as usual for teams working across time zones. These benefits aren’t going away with the pandemic for teams operating in international virtual offices. In this article, we’ll tackle the biggest struggles for those who have freelance jobs online, or any professional who has been freelancing remotely for years. In working with distributed teams in different time zones, you have to be prepared to be flexible, accommodating and always on top of changing clocks, global holidays and miscalculations. On many HubSpot marketing teams, if we schedule a meeting that requires people in other timezones to wake up early or stay up late, we try to be empathetic to those colleagues in some way. InHarvard Business Review,Donna Flynn, an executive at office furniture company Steelcase, offers her global company’sbest practices.

Alternatively, Kelly says you could also consider picking a few days per week where you’ll work on another international team’s schedule entirely. Similarly, if a hiring manager in California gives a Dublin-based job candidate an interview time without noting EST or PST, the job candidate might log on for a video interview at the wrong time. For example, if a Boston-based marketing manager gives a California-based blogger a deadline for “9 a.m. Monday,” it might be hard to determine whether the deadline was for 9 a.m. This could cause content to be published later than expected. But, despite all the benefits of having a diverse global staff, companies are still trying to figure out how to work successfully across different timezones. In today’s workplace, diversity breeds new and unique ideas, allows us to look at our campaigns from different points of view, and benefits companies financially.

Best Team Practices When Working Across Time Zones

Take the post-meeting discussion to Slack afterward, so employees who are unable to attend can look back later and catch up. Read on to learn how to effectively organize meetings across a distributed global team. In addition to real-time video calls and asynchronous communication, we also do real-time chat in Slack. Before COVID, members would fly over to the location considered home base. We formed project teams flexibly across locations, and the flexibility afforded us designers the opportunity to get immersed in projects and get to know the culture of the other locations. Find a median, schedule meetings around that median, and make sure you’re always ready to go to bed at the same time.

Tips on Working in Different Time Zones

When your global teammates feel like their schedule is respected, they might feel happier at their job, less stressed, or have an easier time tuning out of work communication outside of their main work hours. Ultimately, these things will help boost job retention, productivity, and your team’s overall performance. As a hardworking employee located farther away from your company’s office, you might find feel pressure to say yes to every meeting you’re invited to.

If you want to learn more about team agreements, then go back to episode number 42. One of the items in the team agreement is to always talk in one time zone.

Tips on Working in Different Time Zones

People should have everything they need to get started on a task or request ASAP. When working with individuals in different locations and different time zones you need to know when to be flexible. If this half-day concept doesn’t suit you why not use this concept and apply it to your week instead?

Learn how leading organizations use EX tools to connect people with the resources they need in the field or on the move. A well-managed global institution is more liable to gain industry benefits as they receive exposure in several markets and perspective to understand potential customers from different corners of the world. Don’t fixate upon one particular day and time of the week for too long. Globalization can bring new success to your organization as it is a proven fact that diversity helps innovate unique ideas and adds different perspectives to your project. “Gartner predicts that by 2022, 75 percent of businesses with diverse frontline decision-makers will exceed their financial targets,” says HubSpot in an article.

To avoid team blockers related to timezones, one thing Susanne Ronnqvist Ahmadi, HubSpot’s Vice President of International Marketing, says you should aim to have a flexible schedule at certain points of the day. When you’re working remotely or in a different location from other team members, you can’t easily turn to them, ask a question, or make conversation. This can make it hard to communicate and develop a relationship with your colleagues. Be mindful of international employees when scheduling meetings. When it comes to quick communication some tools, like Slack, will even give you a notification before or after you send a message stating which timezone your recipient is in. Aside from specifically discussing timezone-related needs and boundaries as needed, you can also mark your standard work hours on a team calendar — while encouraging colleagues to do the same. Meanwhile, if you’re not working in the same country as your broader team, “don’t be afraid to ask for meetings that are outside of others’ timezones.”

On the other hand, a task-driven productivity assessment is easier to keep track of and harder to forge than a timesheet. At Bridge, we prioritize hiring self-starters as well – however, in hindsight, we discovered a bottleneck information technology that comes along the way. When teammates are independent, it’s hard to know what they are up to – that’s why managers have to walk the extra miles. Constant availability is what office or local teams often take for granted.

Overcome time zone differences by memorizing which countries are located where. This is when you have to speak up and make sure your schedule is “seen” by everyone involved.

This may be a very important asset in terms of views and ideas, but it can also be a difficulty if it isn’t acknowledged. The world is a changin’ and working across time zones is becoming more and more common for different industries. Whether you’re putting together a remote team, working with a digital nomad, or have officers across the world, I hope these tips and my hard-learned lessons Tips on Working in Different Time Zones help you out. There are benefits to both modes of communication and I like to have both for clients that I work with long-term. It’s nice to have periodic check-in meetings over the phone or video call, but I like to schedule them ahead of time and keep them to 15 minutes. If I’m in a creative mode and a client calls me, I’m all confuzzled and have a hard time answering their questions.

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